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Robot Wars Series 3

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  • Round 1
    101 Overkill
    Agent Orange Max Damage
    Aggrobot Binky
    All Torque Crippler
    Ally Gator Corporal Punishment
    Anorakaphopia Miss Lle
    Beast of Bodmin Crusher
    Behemoth Shark Attack
    Beserk 2 Tut's Revenge
    Big Brother Grim Reaper
    Big Cheese, The Shrapnel
    Blade Spike
    Bumblebot Milly Ann Bug
    Cassius Dundee
    Centurion Excalibur
    Cerberus Killerhurtz
    Challenger 2 Atlas
    Chaos 2 Crocodilotron
    Darke Destroyer, The Sgt. Meikle
    Diotoir Sting 2
    Dreadnaught Psychokiller
    Evil Weevil Triterobot
    Facet Terminal Ferocity
    Firestorm Crasha Gnasha
    Flip Flop Fly Wild Willy
    General Carnage Robocow
    Gravedigger Manic Mutant
    Griffon Daisy Chopper
    Henry Haardvark
    Hypno-Disc Robogeddon
    Invertabrat Witch, The
    Judge Shred Mr. Punch
    King Buxton Eric
    Mace Stinger
    Mortis Ming
    Napalm Kater Killer
    Onslaught Armour Geddon
    Panic Attack Axios
    Panzer Undertaker
    Pitbull Sump Thing
    Pussycat Hammerhead
    Raizer Blade Red Dragon
    Rattus Rattus Smidsy
    Razer Backstabber
    Robopig Bulldog Breed
    Scutter's Revenge Zeus
    Sir Chromalot Shell Shock
    Sonic Hammertron
    Stealth Death Warmed Up
    Steel Avenger, The Schumey Too
    Steg-O-Saw-Us Orac's Revenge
    Suicidal Tendencies Forklift's Revenge
    T II Vector
    Technophobic Abaddon
    Terrorpin Vercingetorix
    Thermidor Plunderstorm
    Thing 2, The Prizephita
    Toe Cutter Purple Predator
    Trident Twn Trwn
    Ultor Flipper
    Victor 2 Scarab
    Weeliwako Brimhur
    Weld-Dor Iron Mask, The
    X-Terminator Hefty
    Round 2
    101 Centurion
    Aggrobot Razer
    Beast of Bodmin Onslaught
    Behemoth General Carnage
    Beserk 2 Ally Gator
    Big Brother Sir Chromalot
    Big Cheese, The Anorakaphopia
    Blade Agent Orange
    Cerberus Griffon
    Chaos 2 Sonic
    Darke Destroyer, The T II
    Diotoir Steel Avenger, The
    Dreadnaught Rattus Rattus
    Evil Weevil Flip Flop Fly
    Firestorm Facet
    Gravedigger Mortis
    Hypno-Disc Stealth
    Invertabrat Terrorpin
    King Buxton Weld-Dor
    Mace Weeliwako
    Napalm Robopig
    Panic Attack Toe Cutter
    Panzer Challenger 2
    Pitbull Technophobic
    Pussycat Cassius
    Scutter's Revenge Thermidor
    Steg-O-Saw-Us Henry
    Suicidal Tendencies Raizer Blade
    Thing 2, The All Torque
    Trident Victor 2
    Ultor Bumblebot
    X-Terminator Judge Shred

    Panic AttackPanic Atack
    X-TerminatorPanic Atack
    The Thing 2The Thing 2
    Cerberus Firestorm
    Pitbull Firestorm
    Firestorm Firestorm
    Diotoir Chaos 2
    Suicidal Tendencies Mace
    Big Brother Big Brother
    Ultor Chaos 2
    Chaos 2 Chaos 2
    Big Cheese, The Chaos 2
    Trident Trident
    Chaos 2
    Beserk 2Hypno-Disc
    PanzerEvil Weevil
    Evil Weevil Hypno-Disc
    PussycatScutter's Revenge
    Scutter's Revenge 101
    King Buxton 101
    101 Hypno-Disc
    Napalm Steg-O-Saw-Us
    Gravedigger Gravedigger
    Darke Destroyer, The Steg-O-Saw-Us
    Invertabrat Beast of Bodmin
    Beast of Bodmin Beast of Bodmin
    Blade Blade

    The robots navigated their way around a course, hitting obstacles, which gave them points:

    Dead Metal's target - 75 points
    Sergeant Bash's target - 50 points
    Shunt's target - 50 points
    Sphere of doom in 'pocket' - 25 points
    Car door gate - 25 points
    Ramp - 15 points
    Barrels - 5 points
    Each multiball in the pit - 5 points

    Six Pac135
    Eye of Newt90
    Oblivion 275
    ROCS 235

    The first to score a goal won.

    Velocirippa defeated Demolition Demon
    Gnasher defeated Malfunktion
    Evil Weevil defeated Alien
    The General defeated Spectre

    Evil Weevil, The General, Gnasher, Velocirippa
    (No goal was scored. Evil Weevil won by judge's decision)

    Middleweight Melee
    A-Kill, Grinder, Hard Cheese, Ripper's Revenge, & Tentoumushi
    Winners: Tentoumushi & A-Kill

    Walker Battles
    Miss Struts defeated Stomp
    Anarachnid & Mammoth drew