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Robot Wars Series 4

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  • Round 1
    Atomic Chaos 2 Indefatigable
    King B3 Medusa 2000 Atilla the Drum
    Razer Robochicken Velocirippa
    Pussycat Milly Ann Bug Reptirron
    Firestorm 2 Scar Morgue, The
    Bolt from the Blue Ming 2 Diotoir
    Crusader 2 Steg 2 Cronos
    Iron Awe Mortis Mazakari
    101 Dominator 2 Henry 2
    Major Tom Shadow of Napalm Disc O Inferno
    Gemini Tornado Kater Killer
    Beserk 2 Creature, The Inverterbrat
    Kronic the Wedgehog Thermidor 2 Gravedigger
    Darke Destroyer 2 Dreadnaut XP-1 Warhog
    Wheelosaurus Wheely Big Cheese Phizephita Mark 2
    Killertron Suicidal Tendencies Maverick
    Eric Killerhurtz Distruct-a-Bubble
    Small Torque Splinter Centurion
    Bigger Brother Hammer & Tong Clawed Hopper
    Bulldog Breed 2 Stinger Spikasaurus
    Mouse Trap Tiberius Evil Weevil
    Little Fly Sump Thing Wel-Dor
    Knightmare Spawn of Scutter Banshee
    Plunderbird Vercingetorix Fat Boy Tin
    Steel Avenger, The Wild Thing Humphrey
    Reactor Sir Chromalot Scorpion
    Arnold, Arnold Terminegger Behemoth Rambot
    Judge Shred 2 X-Terminator 2 Milennium Bug
    Panic Attack SMIDSY Overkill GTi
    Aggrobot 2 Saw Point Oblivion 2
    Hypno-Disc Raizer Blade Predator, The
    Terror Bull V-Max Cerberus

    Round 2
    101 Major Tom
    Atomic King B3
    Behemoth Judge Shred 2
    Bulldog Breed 2 Bigger Brother
    Chaos 2 Medusa 2000
    Dominator 2 Shadow of Napalm
    Eric Small Torque
    Firestorm 2 Bolt from the Blue
    Gemini Creature, The
    Hypno-Disc V-Max
    Knightmare Plunderbird
    Kronic the Wedgehog Darke Destroyer 2
    Little Fly Tiberius
    Morgue, The Ming 2
    Mortis Crusader 2
    Mouse Trap Sump Thing
    Panic Attack Saw Point
    Pussycat Robochicken
    Raizer Blade Terror Bull
    Razer Milly Ann Bug
    SMIDSY Aggrobot 2
    Spawn of Scutter Vercingetorix
    Splinter Killerhurtz
    Steel Avenger, The Sir Chromalot
    Steg 2 Iron Awe
    Stinger Hammer & Tong
    Suicidal Tendencies Wheelosaurus
    Thermidor 2 Dreadnaut XP-1
    Tornado Beserk 2
    Wheely Big Cheese Killertron
    Wild Thing Reactor
    X-Terminator 2 Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

    Chaos 2Chaos 2
    AtomicChaos 2
    MortisSteg 2
    Steg 2 Chaos 2
    Suicidal TendenciesWheely Big Cheese
    Wheely Big Cheese Tornado
    Tornado Tornado
    Gemini Chaos 2
    Panic Attack Panic Attack
    SMIDSYPanic Attack
    Spawn of Scutter Spawn of Scutter
    Knightmare Stinger
    Stinger Stinger
    Bulldog Breed 2 Stinger
    Mouse Trap Mouse Trap
    Little Fly
    Chaos 2
    Raizer BladeHypno-Disc
    Eric Hypno-Disc
    BehemothX-Terminator 2
    X-Terminator 2 Wild Thing
    Wild Thing Wild Thing
    The Steel Avenger Pussycat
    Firestorm 2 Firestorm 2
    Morgue, TheDominator 2
    Dominator 2 Dominator 2
    101 Pussycat
    Thermidor 2 Thermidor 2
    Kronic the Wedgehog Pussycat
    Razer Pussycat

    Annihilator: North
    Round 1SpikasaurusDominator 2KillerhurtzSuicidal TendenciesStingerChaos 2
    Round 2SpikasaurusDominator 2KillerhurtzSuicidal TendenciesStinger
    Round 3SpikasaurusDominator 2KillerhurtzSuicidal Tendencies
    Round 4SpikasaurusDominator 2Killerhurtz
    Round 5SpikasaurusDominator 2

    Annihilator: South
    Round 1RazerOnslaughtAtilla the DrumBehemothSpawn of ScutterVercingetorix
    Round 2RazerOnslaughtAtilla the DrumBehemothSpawn of Scutter
    Round 3RazerOnslaughtAtilla the DrumBehemoth
    Round 4RazerOnslaughtAtilla the Drum
    Round 5RazerOnslaught

    Tag Team Terror
    Round 1
    Firestorm II & Scorpion Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4
    King B3 & 101 X-Terminator 2 & Inverterbrat
    Third Place Playoff
    Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4 X-Terminator 2 & Inverterbrat
    King B3 & 101 Firestorm II & Scorpion

    War of Independence
    Round 1
    Mortis (UK) Ghetto-Bot (USA)
    Panic Attack (UK) Rammstein (USA)
    Ming II (UK) Mangulator (USA)
    Frenzy (USA) Detonator (UK)
    Round 2
    Mortis (UK) Panic Attack (UK)
    Frenzy (USA) Ming II (UK)
    Mortis (UK) Frenzy (USA)

    Celebrity Special
    Round 1
    Vic Reeves - Diotoir Shauna Lowry - Wild Thing
    The Turner Sisters - Gemini Chris Eubank - Killertron
    Shane Lynch - Sir Chromalot 5ive - Disc-o Inferno
    Adam Woodyat - Pussycat Natalie Cassidy - Iron Awe (she lost but joined Pussycat team afterwards)
    Round 2
    Vic Reeves - Diotoir The Turner Sisters - Gemini
    Eastenders - Pussycat Shane Lynch - Sir Chromalot
    Eastenders - Pussycat Vic Reeves - Diotoir

    The robots navigated their way around a course, hitting obstacles, which gave them points:

    Dead Metal's target - 75 points
    Sergeant Bash's target - 50 points
    Matilta's target - 50 points
    Sphere in pit - 25 points
    Car door gate - 25 points
    Ramp - 20 points
    Hitting multiball - 10 point
    Each multiball in the pit - 5 points
    Barrels - 5 points

    Gemini 255
    Spawn of Scutter 245
    Killerhurtz 235
    King B3 225
    Bigger Brother 180
    Diotoir 180
    Firestorm 2 135
    Hypno-Disc 135
    101 125
    Inverterbrat 95
    Razer 95
    Banshee 75
    Stinger 75
    SMIDSY 70
    Atilla the Drum 40
    Spikasaurus 40

    The robots had to try to stay on the podium with Shunt for as long as possible.
    Panic Attack Knocked Shunt off after 21:15
    X-Terminator 2 1:00.00
    Behemoth 1:00:00
    Onslaught 17.31
    SMIDSY 14.11
    Kater Killer 14.03
    Distruct-a-Bubble 11.91
    Pussycat 10.60
    Scorpion 9.23
    Maverick 9.07
    Spawn of Scutter 8.03
    Bigger Brother 6.43
    Thermidor 2 5.03
    Razer 4.87
    Firestorm 2 4.21
    Diotoir 3.95