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  • Heavyweight Division
  • Middleweight Division
  • Lightweight Divison

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  • Heavyweights
    under 376 lbs

    Winner's Bracket
    ROUND 1
    Insect Repellent Maximus
    Mid Evil Snuggles
    Kumite Wild Child
    Tornado Paralyzer Pete
    PsyKotiK ReaKtion Bad Dawg
    Il Duce Bug Bite
    Apocalypse Thresher
    ROUND 2
    Insect Repellent Il Duce
    Kumite PsyKotiK ReaKtion
    Tornado Thresher
    Mid Evil Apocalypse
    ROUND 3
    Insect Repellent Mid Evil
    Kumite Tornado
    Insect Repellent Kumite
    Loser's Bracket
    ROUND 1
    Maximus Paralyzer Pete
    Wild Child Bad Dawg
    Snuggles Bug Bite
    ROUND 2
    Maximus Apocalypse
    Wild Child Snuggles
    PsyKotiK ReaKtion Thresher
    Bug Bite Il Duce
    ROUND 3
    Mid Evil Wild Child
    Tornado PsyKotiK ReaKtion
    Maximus Thresher
    Bug Bite Apocalypse

    under 121 lbs

    Winner's Bracket
    ROUND 1
    Full Frontal Fulcrum Morphling
    MerBot Turbo Gnome
    Summoner SpongeBot Ti Pants
    Henry W4 Millipede
    Rumincoke Dixie Wrecked
    The Kaptain Bally Hoo
    Al Stanley
    Goudabot Thumper
    ROUND 2
    Full Frontal Fulcrum Goudabot
    MerBot The Kaptain
    Summoner Al
    Rumincoke Henry W4
    ROUND 3
    Full Frontal Fulcrum Rumincoke
    Summoner MerBot
    Full Frontal Fulcrum Summoner
    Loser's Bracket
    ROUND 1
    Millipede SpongeBot Ti Pants
    Stanley Morphling
    Bally Hoo Turbo Gnome
    Thumper Dixie Wrecked
    ROUND 2
    Millipede Al
    Henry W4 Goudabot
    Stanley Bally Hoo
    Turbo Gnome Thumper
    The Kaptain Thumper
    ROUND 3
    Morphling Goudabot
    Turbo Gnome Al
    MerBot Stanley
    Millipede Rumincoke
    Henry W4 The Kaptain
    Turbo Gnome Al
    Morphling Thumper

    under 61 lbs

    Winner's Bracket
    ROUND 1
    Bob Hug of Death
    MiniMadd T.U.S.K.
    2X4 DragonFly
    HazMat Wedged Wood
    Attack Wedge End Effector
    Baby Gouda Fluffy
    Ricky Ticky Bad Cheese
    Can Opener Two Blondie
    Jojo Talon
    ROUND 2
    Bob Baby Gouda
    MiniMadd Blondie
    HazMat Hug of Death
    Attack Wedge Jojo
    Ricky Ticky Can Opener Two
    ROUND 3
    Bob Attack Wedge
    MiniMadd Ricky Ticky
    HazMat Baby Gouda
    ROUND 4
    Bob HazMat
    MiniMadd Wedged Wood
    Bob MiniMadd
    Loser's Bracket
    ROUND 1
    T.U.S.K. Death on Steroids
    DragonFly Death on Steroids
    End Effector Bad Cheese
    Wedged Wood Fluffy
    ROUND 2
    DragonFly T.U.S.K.
    End Effector 2X4
    Wedged Wood Can Opener Two
    Bad Cheese Death on Steroids
    Fluffy Death on Steroids
    ROUND 3
    DragonFly Attack Wedge
    End Effector Ricky Ticky
    Baby Gouda T.U.S.K.
    2X4 Bad Cheese
    Fluffy forfeit